Julmar 4 Her is fully committed to the improvement and continued sustainability of the environment. Our commitment is being addressed by the decisions we have made going forward and by implementing the following measures: 

1. Renewable energy
Our Queensland based business uses 100% renewable energy. We have installed solar panels and batteries to ensure a continual supply of renewable energy.

2. Recycled sterling silver
As there is no purity lost in the process of extracting sterling silver from used sterling silver items, we are now choosing recycled sterling silver over mined sterling silver for the crafting of our jewellery pieces whenever possible.

3. Lab-Created Gemstones
Lab-created gemstones are real gemstones in every sense, except they are created in a lab environment instead of being mining. The lab-created gemstone has significantly less impact on the environment than a mined gemstone so our priority is to source lab-created gemstones for our jewellery pieces whenever possible.

4. Carbon neutral deliveries
Australia Post is our carrier of choice for all of our deliveries. Australia Post's carbon neutral parcel delivery is made possible through their partnership with the Qantas Future Planet program which supports carbon-offset projects that have positive environmental and social impacts.

5. Our packaging

The postal pack, gift box, invoice and tissue paper are recyclable. The plastic bubble-wrap, cotton wool and gift box insert are not recyclable. 

We at Julmar 4 Her are continually looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible.