Quartz crystals Julmar 4 HerCrystal is made from natural quartz crystal. The sparkling beauty of clear natural crystal may also be enhanced with added colors and finishes as can be seen in our Crystal jewelry range.  Swarovski crystal is the oldest and most recognized name in crystal jewelry. 

Crystal jewelry can be safely cleaned in a number of ways :

  • Baby Wipes - hold wipe between thumb and fingers; roll crystals back and forth until shiny.
  • Mild Dishwashing Detergent - apply soap directly to the surface of jewelry; use a soft cloth to rub gently then rinse with clean water.

Quartz crystal cluster Julmar 4 HerCrystal Jewelry should be stored the same as all your other jewelry. Keep your crystal jewelry by itself as it is important for all jewelry to be kept separate to avoid scratches.Quartz crystal icon Julmar 4 Her


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