Ring Conversion Chart & Care

Adjustable Ring Size Conversion Chart Table

Australia / New Zealand UK/ Ireland

USA / Canada


Adjustable N1/2 to R1/2

Adjustable 7 to 9

Adjustable 54.4 to 59.5

Adjustable J1/2 to N1/2

Adjustable 9 to 14

Adjustable 49.3 to 54.4

Adjustable N1/2 to T1/2

Adjustable 7 to 10

Adjustable 54.4 to 62.1

Adjustable L1/2 to R1/2

Adjustable 6 to 9

Adjustable 51.9 to 59.5

Adjustable P1/2 to T1/2

Adjustable 8 to 10

Adjustable 57.0 to 62.1

Adjustable L1/2 to T1/2

Adjustable 6 to 10

Adjustable 51.9 to 62.1

Adjustable J1/2 to L1/2

Adjustable 5 to 6

Adjustable 49.3 to 51.9


Adjusting your ring to your finger size:

With all adjustable rings we recommend that the ring be adjusted to your ring size to give you a comfy and secure fit and then leave it alone.

Excessive opening and closing could weaken the band and create cracks and possible breakage.

Cleaning your new ring :

We recommend giving your new ring a clean with the enclosed silver jewellery polishing cloth after use.