Epoxy Coating

What is an Epoxy Coating

Epoxy resin adds a beautiful and protective shiny coating to your jewellery item.  Epoxy resin is suitable for making rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. The resin cures to a hard, clear plastic. It makes a protective coating over jewellery elements, but its real beauty is as a focal piece. 

How should I clean my Epoxy coated Jewellery?

Place your epoxy coated jewellery on a soft cloth. Rinse the jewellery in cool, clear water. If you run them under the tap, be sure the sink stopper is securely in place. Do not use tap water if it is hard, as hard water can leave spots. If you have hard water, use bottled or distilled water instead.  Gently pat dry with another cloth.

How should I store my Epoxy coated Jewellery?

Keep your epoxy coated jewellery by itself.  This will prevent them from being bumped against other items and becoming accidentally damaged or scratched.