Donations to the RSPCA

Sitting CatFor years we have supported the RSPCA.  We understand the wonderful work they do and the tremendous effort it takes to keep an organisation such as theirs going.  Along with that effort comes the struggle to fund their shelters.  We would like to provide as much aid as possible to help the many animals in need. 

As part of our dedication we are pleased to donate a portion of the profits from each sale to the RSPCA in your State.   We will set aside $1.00 for each item on your order to be donated.  If you order 2 items, the RSPCA will receive $2.00 and so on.  At the end of each month, the balance will be paid directly to the RSPCA.   It costs you nothing extra!  It's just our way of giving back to these rescue efforts.

You can buy with confidence knowing part of your purchase is going to a well deserving charitable organisation. 

Please use the links provided for each of these wonderful organisations, visit their websites & make a donation, if you are able to.  No one will  appreciate it more.

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” Cat silhouette
Charles Dickens

RSPCA ACT  RSPCA - Australian Capital Territory

RSPCA New South Wales  RSPCA - New South Wales

RSPCA - Northern Territory  RSPCA - Northern Territory

RSPCA Queensland  RSPCA - Queensland

RSPCA South Australia  RSPCA - South Australia

RSPCA Tasmania  RSPCA - Tasmania

RSPCA Victoria  RSPCA - Victoria

RSPCA Western Australia  RSPCA - Western Australia