Bangle Care

How To Size Your Bangle

To measure your bangle size at home, find a measuring tape or strip of paper to wrap around your wrist. Position the tape around the widest part of your wrist, then mark the location where the strip overlaps. Unfold the tape and measure against a ruler to get your wrist size.

Keep in mind that while most bangles are round, your wrist is shaped more like an oval, which helps to account for a bit of wiggle room when worn.

If you have a bangle at home that fits you well, measure its internal diameter and compare this to the Internal Dimension width of the bangle you are looking to purchase.

Comparing your wrist size to our Bangles

All of our bangles are measured by their internal diameter, which means we simply use a ruler and place it across the centre of the bangle and take the internal measurement in mm.

You will find the internal diameter measurement of our bangles in the Specifications area that can be found underneath the description and details.

We recommend if you have a bangle at home that fits you well, measure its internal diameter and this is your guide as to which size bangle you need. 

Opening & Closing a Bangle

Bangles are a timeless look that will add a bit of fashionable flair to just about any outfit. Part of owning a beautiful piece of jewellery is knowing how to take care of it, including properly opening the clasp. 

Many bangles have a locking clasp mechanism that, when disengaged, allows the wearer to easily open the bangle and securely lock it back into place around the wrist. Locate the clasp and release it to open the bangle.  

Other bangles are solid, with no opening mechanism. They must be slipped on and off the wrist each time when worn.

Knowing the right way to open your bangle will ensure you can continue to enjoy wearing it for many years to come.

Keeping your Bangle looking fresh

Use the complimentary silver jewellery polishing cloth on your Bangle to ensure it's always looking it's best.

For more Sterling Silver care instructions, please see our guide "Care for your Sterling Silver jewellery".