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The term "Gourd" refers to a number of species and subspecies of the plant family Cucurbitaceae, particularly Cucurbita and Lagenaria.

Likely one of the earliest domesticated types of plants, subspecies of the bottle gourd, have been discovered in archaeological sites dating from as early as 13,000 BC.

Cultures from arid regions often associated gourds with water, and they appear in many creation myths. Since the beginning of their history, they have had a multitude of uses, including food, kitchen tools, toys, musical instruments and decoration.

Today, gourds are commonly used for a wide variety of crafts, including jewelry, furniture, dishes, utensils and a wide variety of decorations using carving, burning, dyes, paints, polishes and waxes.

There are so many things that can be done with dried gourds! It’s an art category all its own. Wearable art — pins, combs, pendants and bracelets — all can be easily made from hard-shelled gourds. And of course, our lovely jewelry.

Black Cat Julmar 4 Her

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