Golden Grass

What is Golden Grass?

Golden Grass comes from northern Brazil.  It is a rare plant which has the appearance of spun gold and Golden Grass Julmar 4 Hercontinues to shine after it is harvested. It is strong, durable and flexible enough to be woven into accessories and wearable ornaments. It is also very light in weight so that many-layered purses and handbags of complex design may be carried effortlessly, while bracelets and earrings that look like gold are virtually weightless.

Sygonanthus Nitens Golden Grass Julmar 4 HerThe conservation management by the Brazilian government (EMBRAPA) assures that it is a renewable resource, harvested late in the growing season for maximum brightness and durability. The Brazilian government prohibits export of the raw grass (Sygonanthus nitens); only crafted products may be sold outside Tocantins state.

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