Cat Breeds A-Z

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, characters and temperaments and here are lots of different breeds from around the world.


Abyssinian    Aegean    American Bobtail     American Shorthair     Australian Mist    

Balinese    Bengal    Birman    Bombay    British Shorthair    Burmese    Burmilla

Chartreux    Cheetoh    Cornish Rex    Cymric  

Devon Rex

Egyptian Mau    Exotic Shorthair


Japanese Bobtail    Javanese



Maine Coon    Mandalay    Manx    Munchkin

Norwegian Forest

Ocicat    Oriental

Persian    Peterbald    Pixi Bob

Ragdoll    Russian Blue

Scottish Fold    Selkirk Rex    Siamese    Siberian    Singapura    Snowshoe    Somali    Sphynx

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