Cat Breed - Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex

-  A little history  -

The Selkirk Rex originated in Montana, USA in 1987, with a litter born to a rescued cat. The only unusually coated kitten in the litter was ultimately placed with breeder, Jeri Newman, who named her Miss DePesto. This foundation cat was bred to a black Persian male, producing three Selkirk Rex and three straight-haired kittens. This demonstrated that the gene had an autosomal dominant mode of inheritance. All Selkirk Rex trace their ancestry back to the cat Miss DePesto.

-  Average Lifespan  -

10 - 15 years or more

-  Size  -

Medium to large size cat weighing 3 to 7 kilo

-  Personality  -

The temperament of the Selkirk Rex reflects that of the breeds used in its development. They are a big, fluffy cat that has a lot of the laid-back qualities with a cuddly and playful nature. 

-  Coat Colour  -

The breed has been developed in two coat lengths, long and short. The coat is very soft and has a woolly look and feel with loose, unstructured curls. The breed is accepted in all colours, including the pointed, sepia, and mink varieties of albinism; bicolours; silver/smoke; and the chocolate and lilac series. 

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