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Javanese Cat

-  A little history  -

The Javanese cat is not from Java or Indonesia. Genetically they are long-haired Oriental. The term "Javanese cat" was coined by a Helen Smith of Merry Mews Cattery circa 1950. It is unknown if she had ever travelled to Indonesia. The name is derived from the tradition of using the names of the countries and islands of south-east Asia for Oriental cat breeds.


Javanese cat.jpg
A Javenese Cat


-   Average Lifespan  -

9 - 15 years

-  Size  -

Medium size cat weighing 3.5 to 5 kilo

-  Personality  -

It is noted as an intelligent cat and tends to vocalize, though often for no apparent reason. They are notably fond of play, jumping and human contact and are reportedly good mouse hunters.

-  Coat Colour  -

The Javanese breed has a long, silky coat in a variety of colours. It is distinct from the native domestic cats of Java which have very short hair, approximately 2 cm long, due to the hot and humid climate.

Javanese cats are referred to by show cat fanciers as colourpoint cats: showing odd or "rare" colors; such as red or white, or patternation; tabby and tortie.

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