Cat Breed - Burmese


-  A little history  -

The Burmese is a breed of domestic cat originating in Thailand. They are believed to have their roots near the Thai-Burma border. They were then developed as a breed in the United States and Britain.

Most modern Burmese are descendants of one female cat called Wong Mau, which was brought from Burma to America in 1930 and bred with American Siamese. From there, American and British breeders developed distinctly different Burmese breed standards, which is unusual among pedigreed domestic cats. Most modern cat registries do not formally recognize the two as separate breeds, but those that do refer to the British type as the European Burmese.

Burmese cats have been instrumental in the development of the Tonkinese, Bombay and Burmilla to name a few.

-  Average Lifespan  -

10 - 17 years

-  Size  -

Medium size cat weighing 3.1 to 6.8 kilo

-  Personality  -

Both versions of the breed are known for their uniquely social and playful temperament and persistent vocalisation. They are devoted cats and are loyal and people orientated.

-  Coat Colour  -

Originally, all Burmese cats were dark brown (sable), but are now available in a wide variety of colours; formal recognition of these also varies by standard.

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